Scientists of the LRA Healthy Ageing at the University of California, Berkeley

Scientists of the LRA Healthy Ageing represented the research alliance at an interdisciplinary meeting of ageing researchers in Berkeley on August 17th. The Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA) at the UC Berkeley organized together with other UC Berkeley organizations dedicated in ageing research a summit of ageing researchers in California. The participating disciplines were similar to the ones, which are working together in the LRA Healthy Ageing. George Brooks and Steve Garan from CREA invited scientists from biomedicine, adult education, social science and technologies to discuss questions of ageing. From the FLI Helen Morrison, Alessandro Ori and Wilfried Briest took part and informed the participants about the work in the LRA Healthy Ageing. Helen Morrison, speaker of the research alliance, is optimistic that the international cooperation between CREA and the LRA Healthy Ageing will develop.