The average life expectancy in the industrialized countries has doubled over the last 120 years. However, in advanced age our organs begin to suffer from functional impairments and we can develop serious diseases. At the same time, the combined effects of longer life expectancy and low birth rates are causing a demographic change.

That means major challenges for science and society. We therefore need to keep the period in which we are restricted by ageing as short as possible so that we can enjoy the additional lifetime we have gained.

With this goal in mind, 20 scientific institutes in the Leibniz Association came together to form the Leibniz Research Alliance (LRA) Healthy Ageing. Their interdisciplinary projects aim to shed light on the biological and social mechanisms of ageing. This kind of interdisciplinary approach, which is unique in the German research landscape, allows participants to analyse the interrelationships between biological an medical aspects and social and economic factors. The work will culminate in the development of new intervention and adaption strategies for promoting healthy ageing over the long term.

The Leibniz Research Alliance Healthy Ageing sees itself also as a cross-discipline research network and point of contact for policymakers and the media. Its expertise covers all issues associated with the biological, medical, social and economic aspects of ageing.