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New function of “kidney-gene” – WT1 plays a role in the central nervous system and controls movement

16/10/2018 FLI Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute

The WT1 gene fulfills a central role in the development of a healthy, proper functioning kidney. Mutations in WT1 lead to impairments in kidney development and cause Wilms tumors, a pediatric kidney... more info

Increased Blood Flow triggers Liver Regeneration

16/10/2018 DDZ German Diabetes Center

The liver is one of the most important human organs. It is essential for metabolism, blood detoxification and the functioning of the immune system. Moreover, the liver is the only organ which can... more info

1. Jena Aging Meeting (JAM) from September 6-8 in Jena

10/09/2018 LRA Healthy Ageing

Around 200 researchers from 16 countries meet in Jena from September 6-8 at the international “Jena Aging Meeting” to discuss latest research results and developments in the field of aging research.... more info

More than just a DNA repair deficiency syndrome – impaired acetylation in Cockayne syndrome B

31/08/2018 IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine

By studying the skin phenotype of the hereditary disease Cockayne syndrome researchers at the IUF and HHU Düsseldorf have found a mechanism which can prevent the loss of subcutaneous fat, i.e. one... more info

Scientists of the LRA Healthy Ageing at the University of California, Berkeley

28/08/2018 LRA Healthy Ageing

Scientists of the LRA Healthy Ageing represented the research alliance at an interdisciplinary meeting of ageing researchers in Berkeley on August... more info

New Biomarkers of Inflammation Identified as Risk Factors for Neuropathy

24/08/2018 DDZ Deutsches Diabetes-Zentrum

Although many patients suffer from polyneuropathy, relatively little is currently known about its development, which also limits the therapeutic options. It is known that inflammatory processes... more info

A molecular switch may serve as new target point for cancer and diabetes therapies

13/08/2018 FMP Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie

If certain signaling cascades are misregulated, diseases like cancer, obesity and diabetes may occur. A mechanism recently discovered by scientists at the Leibniz-... more info