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Role of proteostasis in cellular ageing

Many ageing-related human diseases including Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease are caused by the accumulation of defective or aggregated proteins or even entire organelles. The project conducted in collaboration with three other Leibniz Institutes is based on the hypothesis that alterations in protein homeostasis underlie ageing-related disorders. By combining studies at the system level in vivo with biochemical and NMR-based structural studies and with high throughput small molecule screening we will unravel key mechanisms involved in cellular protein homeostasis (i.e. autophagy, lysosomal proteolysis, protein aggregation) and their contribution to ageing-related diseases ranging from ageing-induced memory loss to osteoporosis. Furthermore, together with our partners in Berlin and at other Leibniz Institutes the proposed collaborative network will place the Leibniz association at the forefront of ageing research with the ultimate goal of developing novel strategies to support healthy ageing.

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Period: 1 May 2014 - 30 April 2017

Contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Haucke
Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)
Phone: ++49 (0)30-94 793 100

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