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Healthy Ageing

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Healthy Ageing - Developmental pathway analyzes and multifactorial explanations

Healthy ageing – living free of diseases, functional decline, and disability as long as possible while keeping up high levels of well-being – should be an achievable goal for most older people in modern industrialized societies. While research has largely focused on negative aspects of morbidity and derived predictors of chronic disease and risk factors in ageing populations, research in healthy ageing requires that researchers shift their focus on those persons who are ageing well and identifying personal and environmental factors promoting the preservation of health.

The project aims to explore the biological and social foundations of the ageing process and their interactions in order to develop novel intervention and adaptation strategies that sustainably promote healthy ageing in our society.

We will identify subgroups (“ageing phenotypes”) with characteristic longitudinal patterns of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial ageing. Ultimately we aim to predict these ageing phenotypes by a set of biological, psychosocial, and environmental patterns of the aging process and to analyze their potential personal and environmental determinants from an environmental epidemiological, psychological, and urban planning viewpoint.

Period: 1. January 2017- 31. December 2018

Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann
Leibniz Research  Institute for Environmental Medicine
Phone:++49 (0)211/3389225

Dr. Tamara Schikowski
Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine
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