Leibniz Research Alliance
Healthy Ageing

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The research programme

The Healthy Ageing research programme is divided into two topic areas, each with several milestones.

Topic area 1: Researching the biological and social mechnisms of ageing

The milestones planned for this research field are:

  • characterise the biological mechanisms of ageing,
  • arrive at a systems-biology understanding of ageing processes that are built into living organisms (intrinsic ageing) or triggered by environmental factors (extrinsic ageing),
  • characterise the molecular mechanisms of age-related factors such as diabetes, rheumatism, cancer, dementia, and adiposity,
  • identify age-related cognitive changes and their social consequences,
  • explore how socio-economic and physio-social statis interact whith biological ageing processes.

Topic area 2: Developing and validating sustainable intervention and adaption strategies

The milestones for this area involve developing and validating:

  • pharmacological, physical and nutrition-based strategies,
  • behaviour-mediated strategies,
  • integrated concepts for maintaining everyday mobility and independent living.