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Synaptic ageing: Implications for the ageing brain

Ageing and cognitive decline are highly correlated in the elderly population even in the absence of neurodegenerative diseases. Despite the high burden for each individual and the society as a whole the molecular, cellular, and behavioral underpinnings of cognitive decline are barely understood. Synaptic dysbalances involving altered synaptic proteostasis and altered functionality of chemical synapses in the brain accompanied by dysfunctions of the immune system as well as changes in neuromodulation and in compensatory mechanisms have been identified as the core for cognitive decline. In our focus group we will address these topics from biochemical, molecular/cellular and systems neuroscience perspectives to eventually break ground for synapse-targeting intervention strategies.

Dr. Michael Kreutz
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN)
Phone: ++49 (0)391 / 62 63 94 181