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Healthy Ageing

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Focus Groups

To strengthen and itensify collaborations within the LRA Healthy Ageing across various disciplines, seven thematic focus groups were built. They closely collaborate with external partners in universities and other institutions and follow the ultimate goal to apply for further third party funded projects.

The seven focus groups cover the two topic areas of the LRA Healhy Ageing research programm:

Investigating the biological and social mechanisms of ageing

Biomarkers of ageing associated dysfunctions and diseases

Immunology and Ageing

Healthy Ageing: Developmental pathway analyzes and multifactorial explanations

Developing and validating sustainable intervention and adaption strategies

Ageing-sensitive urban development - active and self-determined ageing in place

Diabetes: biological, psychosocial and environmental determinats of individual disease progression with age

Ageing and Cognition

Employability of older workers